Explaining how our equipment hire service works

Safety Boat Services operates throughout the UK and Europe to provide essential services to clients. This includes marine construction plant & equipment hire. Having spent many years serving our industry, there is not much that is out of our reach.

Plant list

There is plenty to find in our list of plant. This includes sand blasting and spraying gear, diesel welding generators, and a 150cfm Diesel compressor. There are also lifting bags ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 tonnes and airlifts. On top of this, we have all general construction tools as well as the equipment associated with them.


Explaining how our equipment hire service works

Our team has the ability to mobilise this equipment anywhere within the UK. Better still, we can do this at short notice. Everything takes place on Shifter. This is the name of our 18 knot landing craft. She comes equipped with a 5 tonne crane. We have coded the craft for 20nm. This is from safe haven night or day. We are able to beach or anchor Shifter close to the high water mark. It is also possible to work from the craft as a base that is fully contained. If the need arises, we can even carry a tracked vehicle onboard.

Reasons in favour of hiring

If you are currently uncertain whether you should hire equipment, allow us to tell you the advantages of doing so. For one thing, you will be able to access high calibre plant and other tools more easily. If you were to outright purchase it, you might find things a little too expensive. Hiring is cost effective and is the best option if you only need the equipment for one job. Last but not least, you will be hiring items we take care of and ensure they are fit for purpose.

Easy marine construction plant & equipment hire

At Safety Boat Services, we are here to offer the greatest service we can for each and every client. At all times, we follow IMO guidelines to the letter. Furthermore, we charge very fair prices for our assistance. Whether you need equipment for the short term or a longer period, we can cater for you. If you would like to learn more about our marine construction plant & equipment hire, please let us know. We will ensure you get everything you need.