Protecting subsea structures

It is amazing to think about how many different subsea structures there are. For example, there are pipes, cables, pilings for all kinds of structures, and various other things. Each of them is important and requires the right protection to avoid damage. One way to do this is to hire guard vessels. They can deter other people from getting close to these assets.


Any work on a subsea structure will likely require some form of exclusion zone. The idea here is to set up an area where the work can take place without a risk of boats or other vessels getting too close. This will protect people working in the water and ensures that other vessels don’t interfere with the movement of equipment, personnel, and materials. It also protects members of the public and their boats, ensuring distances between anything they could collide with.

Installation, maintenance and decommissioning

Protecting subsea structures

Guard vessels can be necessary on marine construction projects at various times. They are essential during the initial installation as this is generally when there will be the most equipment in the area. There may also be lots of people working on or under the surface to install everything.

Another time when it is a good idea to have boats patrolling an exclusion zone is during maintenance work. There may be a number of people working in and under the water here, conducting surveys and repairs.

Most subsea structures, including platforms for oil rigs, only have a limited lifespan. At the end of this or the conclusion of a project it is generally necessary to decommission them. This can require a lot of work, heavy machinery and large boats to remove the materials. As a result it may be good to have an exclusion zone and vessels to guard it.


Another potential issue with offshore work is theft. These projects tend to involve very valuable equipment and materials. As a result, guard boats may be necessary to protect these assets.

Hire guard vessels

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