Make sure pumps are part of your defence scheme

Our team offers a wide variety of important solutions to clients all over the UK. This includes our emergency pumping services. We have high-capacity, self-contained, all-terrain environmental units. In addition, due to our experience in the industry we work in, we are able to respond to requests for help very quickly.

Having pumps as part of a flood defence scheme is going to be very rewarding. Moreover, the scheme is more likely to succeed. Many think of flood defences as impenetrable walls capable of stopping water from entering a building. However, things aren’t that simple. Even if you do have permanent barriers and flood doors, they won’t be 100% effective. There is always going to be a point where water is able to overtop them.

An extra line of defence

Make sure pumps are part of your defence scheme

Pumps give you an additional defensive line. They are able to pump water away swiftly to keep it to a low level. Furthermore, there is more than just one type of pump out there. Some have the capacity to move over 1000L of water each minute. Even better, they come in manual and automatic varieties. As a result you can choose the right system to suit your needs.

Let’s look at an example. Say a basement was to flood because of rising groundwater. You could use an automatic pump here. This would turn itself on as soon as the water hit a specific level. When it goes down by a certain amount, it will turn itself off again. This is effective and means you don’t need to work the pump manually and monitor the water level closely.

Utilised together with temporary barriers, pumps can provide you with a cost efficient and effective defence against flooding. Temporary barriers don’t need prior installation, unlike flood doors. Moreover, you can deploy them in minutes. It is just as easy to set up a pump.

Talk to us about emergency pumping services

At Safety Boat Services, we are able to meet all kinds of pumping requirements. This is as long as they are non-hazardous. Examples include non-tidal and tidal flooding, construction site flooding, and pipe-breakage.

If you need our emergency pumping services, please get in touch with us. We will attend to your problems as soon as we possibly can.