Protecting subsea structures

It is amazing to think about how many different subsea structures there are. For example, there are pipes, cables, pilings for all kinds of structures, and various other things. Each of them is important and requires the right protection to avoid damage. One way to do this is to hire guard vessels. They can deter other people from getting close to these assets.Continue reading

Vessel hire for bathymetric surveys

Bathymetric surveys can be an essential part of marine construction. They provide reliable information about the depth of the water and the features underwater. This is important for things like installing platforms and pipelines. It is also vital for boat movements and docks. To be successful with the surveying you need the right equipment and suitable survey vessels. We can provide the latter.Continue reading

Ensure smooth sailing with these safety tips

Work boatsAt Safety Boat Services, we provide a number of options to assist with marine construction projects. This includes marine plant hire and work boats. Whether you are working on a floating pier, dock, an industrial plant ship, or another job, we would be more than happy to supply you with what you require. Have confidence that we always work hard to maintain the highest standards possible with our work. As a result, you can be sure you will receive the best service.Continue reading

Safety boats can create an exclusion zone

Marine construction can be a very hazardous industry. There are lots of risks for anyone on a job and for members of the public too. One of the ways to improve safety is to set up an exclusion zone. This can restrict the movement of vessels and people in the area where work is taking place. You can hire our safety boats if you need them to help you establish the exclusion zone. We have a lot of experience here so we can deliver a first rate service.Continue reading

Which RIB is best for commercial charter?

Commercial RIB CharterRIBs, rigid inflatable boats, are among the most flexible choices for commercial use. They come in various shapes and sizes and can provide a number of benefits. For example they are fast, stable, and able to carry quite heavy loads. In addition, they are flexible in terms of whether you want an open deck, open seating, or a cabin. If you are thinking about commercial RIB charter, you have plenty of boats to choose from. We want to help you decide on the right one for you.Continue reading

RIBs are a convenient and easy to use form of travel

Safety Boat Services has the skills and assets to help people with a wide variety of projects. In some cases we need to arrange Solent RIB hire for the client. What we do here is provide specialist boats in order to deliver the best service we can. With more than 25 years of experience working in the marine industry, we can cater for everything from work boats to surveying, crew transport and more.Continue reading

A guide to RIBs

We get a lot of questions about the different types of boats we have to offer and the kind of projects they are suitable for. Many people ask us specifically about RIBs, including what they are and what makes them so good. We are happy to offer advice so people can choose the right service from us. This is one of the reasons we are a top provider of Northern RIB hire.

What is an RIB?

The acronym stands for rigid inflatable boat. They have solid hulls but have inflatable tubes around the outside. RIBs come in various shapes and sizes, including open and cabin. The first is the most common type and has a completely open deck. The latter can have a cabin to provide shelter for crew, passengers, or goods. Sometimes you will hear people refer to RIBs as RHIBs or rigid hulled inflatable boats. They are the same though.

What are the benefits?

Northern RIB HireAdding inflatable tubes to the outside of a solid hull was originally designed to make it safer for boats to come alongside other boats. The inflatables meant the hulls could not come together and potentially damage each other. The design was originally intended for life boats but it has become popular for all kinds of commercial use.

There are several other benefits as well. Firstly, the design increases stability. The inflatables mean the hull can change shape when waves strike it. They absorb the shock and ensure the boat remains stable. This is a unique feature of RIBs.

The tubes also increase the buoyancy, meaning RIBs have the ability to carry impressive loads. Without the inflatables the hulls would not be able to hold as much weight.

Finally, the tubing and extra buoyancy is a really good safety feature. If the hull is damaged for any reason, as long as the tubes are inflated the boat should retain enough flotation to make it to safety.

RIBS are great for all kinds of commercial uses. For example they are useful for crew transport, surveying, work boats and more. They are also common as pleasure crafts, especially for tours.

Northern RIB Hire

If you are looking to hire RIBs for a project, Safety Boat Services is the perfect provider for you. We have a wonderful selection of vessels and the skills to cater for various needs. We work across the UK and ensure every client has a great experience with us.

Contact us today if you have any questions about Northern RIB hire. We can give you a better idea of the RIBs we have and what kind of projects they are suitable for.

How beneficial would it be to use an all terrain vehicle?

All terrain vehicle hireSafety Boat Services provides a range of essential services all over the country. We can help with riverbank restoration, flood protection, and marine construction. As part of this we can offer boat and all terrain vehicle hire. The latter is the perfect option if you need to cover multiple kinds of landscapes.

You might be thinking of purchasing an ATV in the future. However, there may be one or two things that you are still thinking about. We are here to tell you that there are plenty of reasons to invest in one. The following are the biggest advantages to using ATVs. If you do want to use one but would rather hire than buy, we can cater for you.


For one thing, there is the handling. You can use all terrain vehicles for a lot more than simply climbing a few hills. They are about as manoeuvrable as they come. Several four-wheeler designs merge a tight turning radius with a small size. They do this to offer handling that is nothing short of impressive. In addition, the considerable power to weight ratio means you can enjoy good speeds.


The maintenance side of using ATVs is not overly complicated either. When someone invests in a vehicle, you must think about repairs and upkeep ahead of schedule. Thankfully, keeping an ATV in shape is not hard. Their mechanical components are often straightforward. Regular cleaning is wise though, especially if they get covered in mud. You won’t need to think about maintaining the vehicles yourself though if you choose all terrain vehicle hire from us.


Finally, we will talk about the versatility. This is unquestionably one of, if not the greatest advantage to using ATVs. They were originally created specifically for the sake of off-roading. People use them in several industries and fields. Examples include law enforcement and land management. This is all thanks to how well they operate in different settings and conditions.

Reliable all terrain vehicle hire

At Safety Boat Services, we want our services to satisfy everyone that uses them. We mean this both in terms of the quality of the solutions themselves and the prices you need to pay for them. Clients can also expect friendly, reliable advice.

If you would like to take advantage of our all terrain vehicle hire, feel free to get in touch with us. We can discuss vehicles with you and find the best option for your project.

Make sure pumps are part of your defence scheme

Our team offers a wide variety of important solutions to clients all over the UK. This includes our emergency pumping services. We have high-capacity, self-contained, all-terrain environmental units. In addition, due to our experience in the industry we work in, we are able to respond to requests for help very quickly.

Having pumps as part of a flood defence scheme is going to be very rewarding. Moreover, the scheme is more likely to succeed. Many think of flood defences as impenetrable walls capable of stopping water from entering a building. However, things aren’t that simple. Even if you do have permanent barriers and flood doors, they won’t be 100% effective. There is always going to be a point where water is able to overtop them.

An extra line of defence

Emergency pumping servicesPumps give you an additional defensive line. They are able to pump water away swiftly to keep it to a low level. Furthermore, there is more than just one type of pump out there. Some have the capacity to move over 1000L of water each minute. Even better, they come in manual and automatic varieties. As a result you can choose the right system to suit your needs.

Let’s look at an example. Say a basement was to flood because of rising groundwater. You could use an automatic pump here. This would turn itself on as soon as the water hit a specific level. When it goes down by a certain amount, it will turn itself off again. This is effective and means you don’t need to work the pump manually and monitor the water level closely.

Utilised together with temporary barriers, pumps can provide you with a cost efficient and effective defence against flooding. Temporary barriers don’t need prior installation, unlike flood doors. Moreover, you can deploy them in minutes. It is just as easy to set up a pump.

Talk to us about emergency pumping services

At Safety Boat Services, we are able to meet all kinds of pumping requirements. This is as long as they are non-hazardous. Examples include non-tidal and tidal flooding, construction site flooding, and pipe-breakage.

If you need our emergency pumping services, please get in touch with us. We will attend to your problems as soon as we possibly can.