Oil can affect freshwater and marine environments

We are a business that primarily focuses on supplying marine plant, work boats, and safety boats to its clients. However, we also have an oil spill response team ready to go when a client needs it. The people in our employ are experienced and fully trained for handling situations like these. They will deal with any contaminants effectively and professionally.

Spills can happen anywhere

Oil can affect freshwater and marine environments

When oil spills come to mind, we typically think of tankers that have spilled their cargo. This is most common at sea. However, it is possible for oil to spill on land too. This can reach wetlands, rivers, and lakes. It can cause a huge amount of harm here.

We refer to saltwater bodies like oceans as marine environments. As for rivers, lakes, and additional inland bodies of water, we call them freshwater environments. Luckily there are ways to clean each of these if there is an oil spill.

Oil is more than capable of spilling into any aquatic environment. When it does, it is able to harm organisms residing around or on the water surface. It is the same for those that live underwater. Another possibility is oil harming parts of the food chain. This even includes human food sources.

Natural actions

Another point to make is that natural actions are constantly at work within aquatic settings. They can lower the danger of an oil spill. In addition, they are capable of speeding up the recovery of a location that has been affected. Examples of natural actions would be emulsification, weathering, and oxidation.

However, you should not rely solely on natural actions to take care of a problem. Instead, you should get in touch with a professional, skilful team that has experience in this area.

Come to us for oil spill response services

At Safety Boat Services, we make certain our response team is ready to go within minutes. After all, work of this nature demands a rapid response time. To aid in our efforts, we also use a wide variety of SOPEP equipment.

If you would like to know more about our oil spill response service, feel free to contact us. We have an excellent track record and clients can rely on us.