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Safety Boat Services are experts in the use, management and deployment of the all-terrain amphibious vehicles, the Argocat which can be launched from sea on a purpose built Safety Vessel.

These vehicles are capable of a speed of 30 MPH and make rough terrain accessible. Virtually no location is unreachable. Highly versatile all terrain amphibious vehicles capable of carrying out works in remote and tough terrain locations particularly areas that are inaccessible by foot.

These all-weather vehicles can tackle mud, snow, water, ice and 45 degree inclines. These vehicles can be rapidly deployed from one location to another on a road trailer. The light weight of Argocat allows road towing behind conventional 4×4 or van vehicles.

Argocats can be used for Irrigation & Environmental Works, mounted with pumping equipment, capable of pumping up to 300 m3/h.

Argocats can be used for various purposes:-

  • High Volume Fluid Pumping
  • Personnel Transfers
  • Safety Cove
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Stretcher and recovery of personnel

Safety Boat Services have developed the Amphibious Argocat Medical Ambulance based on the extraordinarily capable Agocat amphibious vehicle. With their rough terrain capabilities and medical equipment the  Amphibious Argocat Medical Ambulance brings a new dimension to lifesaving, search and rescue and hazardous operation support.

Argocat Medical Ambulances are equipped with:-

  • Full first aid kit
  • Moulded stretcher and quick release frame
  • Hood
  • Emergency beacon and searchlights

Deployed and used all over the world and utilised in hundreds of missions, the Amphibious Argocat Medical Ambulance has proved its worth with an unparalleled ability to save life and property.

SBS Qualified Engineers can custom build the Argocats to suit any work scope and customer requirements.

When choosing from Safety Boat Services you will benefit from our 24/7 breakdown service, all of our vessels come with the 24/7 engineering back-up service, we carry spares and engines.

Please contact Safety Boat Services for more information regarding our Argocats or any of our services or vessels.

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