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SBS Raider has the capacity to carry up to 500 kg making her the ideal stable platform for erecting scaffolding, complemented with extreme shallow draft Raider is the ideal vessel for carrying out bridge inspection and repair works.

Raider is also the ideal vessel for acting as a ‘tug’ for our custom engineered pontoons which have proven to be vital in carrying out over side and inspection works.

Customised and removable safety railings ensure works will not be hampered or restricted whilst still maintaining safety at work which is paramount.

Raider can also be mobilised as an ‘all in one’ package. The vessel , pontoons , safety equipment and scaffolding can all be transported by road and mobilised anywhere.

Extremely strong and versatile, SBS Raider is the perfect Work Boat or Safety Boat.

SBS Raider can be used for carrying equipment and for jobs which have welding applications. These boats can get into extremely shallow water and are very simple to operate. The vessel can come supplied with or without a road trailer for movement between sites

Lifting points on the vessel allow it to be lifted in or out of the water by on-site plant machinery, or they can be launched from a road going trailer, straight into the water.

When choosing from Safety Boat Services you will benefit from our 24/7 breakdown service, all of our vessels come with the 24/7 engineering back-up service, we carry spares and engines.

Please contact us to find out more about any of our vessels or for more information about any of our services.

Length (LOA)5.2 Metres
Breadth2.2 Metres
Draft0.4 Metres
Weight300 Kg
SpeedEngine Options (5 – 25 knots)
FuelTanks Available (5 – 500 Litres)
EngineRange Available (5 – 40hp)
CargoUp to 500 Kg

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