RIBs are a convenient and easy to use form of travel

Safety Boat Services has the skills and assets to help people with a wide variety of projects. In some cases we need to arrange Solent RIB hire for the client. What we do here is provide specialist boats in order to deliver the best service we can. With more than 25 years of experience working in the marine industry, we can cater for everything from work boats to surveying, crew transport and more.

Useful boats with lots of options

RIBs are a convenient and easy to use form of travel

RIBs are lightweight boats that feature flexible tubes around a solid hull. Said tubes contain pressurised gas. Boats of this nature are convenient for short distance manoeuvring and emergency transportation. What’s more, there are lots of options in terms of size. Smaller ones are easy to deflate and store. As a result they are very popular as life rafts.

Inflatable boats can span from 2 up to 7 metres in length. The motors can range from 1.7 to 223.7. Because of their mobility, convenience, and small size, they are easy to use. These features have led to their increase in popularity.

A boat suitable for rescues and short distance travel

It is common to see people use RIBs for short distance travel and in rescue operations. They have seen increasing usage in kayaking and scuba diving excursions too. Depending on the boat, you can use them for numerous other recreational purposes too.

One of the most important things to remember with these boats is that you must give them timely maintenance. In truth, they require a suitable level of care overall. It is not a great idea to leave an RIB in direct sunlight for a long period of time. To prevent any issues, you should also fold the boat carefully. Since they play such a pivotal role in rescue operations, you must go out of your way to maintain them.

Solent RIB hire

At Safety Boat Services, we are always happy to assist clients if they need to hire RIBs. Our collection of boats is impressive and we adhere to IMO guidelines. We aim to provide high quality services for some of the most competitive prices too.

If you require our Solent RIB hire, please let us know. We can talk to you about the job and suggest the right boat for you. We can also provide a suitable skipper and crew.