Safety boats can create an exclusion zone

Marine construction can be a very hazardous industry. There are lots of risks for anyone on a job and for members of the public too. One of the ways to improve safety is to set up an exclusion zone. This can restrict the movement of vessels and people in the area where work is taking place. You can hire our safety boats if you need them to help you establish the exclusion zone. We have a lot of experience here so we can deliver a first rate service.

Why restrict movement around marine construction?

These projects generally involve heavy machinery, including large working platforms and cranes. The goal with restricting movement is to ensure that members of the public and other people on the water, including commercial fishermen, don’t come in harm’s way. The best way to do this is to ensure they can’t get close to moving equipment and vessels as they come and go.

The exclusion zone also means less disruption of the water. Safely transporting workers and equipment, and physically working on, over or under the water when other vessels are disturbing the surface is harder. Excluding them from the area can provide more stability.

Clearly marking the zone

When setting up an exclusion zone it is important to mark it clearly. To do this you need to have buoys dotted around it that will be visible day and night. In addition, it is usually a good idea to have safety boats patrolling to keep people out. They provide an extra layer of protection and can be on hand to stop vessels that seek to ignore the warnings.

Hiring safety boats

At Safety Boat Services we have a huge amount of experience of marine construction. We can offer a comprehensive service, including supplying boats for crew transport, rescue, and patrolling exclusion zones. We even provide services for all kinds of surveys prior to work beginning.

One of the things that make us the best partner is the range of boats we have access to. It is truly extensive, including class A guard vessels, surveying boats, and RIBs. There are sizes, speeds, and capacities so we can cater for any needs. If you want more information about our safety boats please get in touch. Keep in mind we can offer them with and without crew as well. We can also provide skippers and crew separately if you already have boats.