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Safety Boat Services specialise in Crew Transfer vessels from 5 meters to 24 meters with Crew Transfers of up to 12 passenger’s ship to shore. Safety Boat Services can provide different Crew Transfer vessels for differing and challenging sea conditions. We specialise in well maintained, efficient and cost effective solutions. We can supply Crew Transfers as well as supplying engineers, cargo and materials.

We offer cost effective Crew Transfer solutions that are time critical as dictated and required for our client’s projects.

We operate a fleet of Crew Transfer vessels and they have been designed with both safety and comfort in mind. Our vessels are purpose built with a track record of transferring personnel and equipment in complete safety.

Safety Boat Services operate throughout the UK and Europe. 

When choosing from Safety Boat Services you will benefit from our 24/7 breakdown service, all of our vessels come with the 24/7 engineering back-up service, we carry spares and engines.

Please contact Safety Boat Services for more information regarding our Crew Transfer solutions or for more information on any of our vessels or services.

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