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Safety Boat Services can provide offshore Guard Vessels to maintain a Marine Exclusion Zone for protecting vulnerable surface and sub-sea Construction Operations or otherwise sensitive Marine Operations. For example Pipeline and Cable Installation, Offshore Wind activities and Marine Traffic.

Safety Boat Services operate our own Guard Vessels up to MCA category 1 that can be based in any UK or European port and we provide a 24/7 service with full back up support.

Our vessels are capable of spending long periods at sea with enough fuel and provisions to live on board for up to one month. The vessels are comfortable, safe, reliable and capable of performing additional tasks as requested by the client.

Safety Boat Services provides guard vessels to meet our individual client’s requirements. Our speciality is in providing added value services such as medical centres and operating at high speed in sea conditions up to 6 meters. Our Guard Vessels are mainly engaged to deter other vessels in the vicinity from approaching vulnerable subsea assets, and potentially hazardous areas.

Our Captains and Crew are experienced in the operation of Marine Guard Vessels to ensure a safe and co-operative protection of Marine Hazardous areas.

When choosing from Safety Boat Services you will benefit from our 24/7 breakdown service, all of our vessels come with the 24/7 engineering back-up service, we carry spares and engines.

Please get in touch with Safety Boat Services for more information regarding our Guard vessels, Guard vessels to hire and related services.

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