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Safety Boat Services can provide full support for bespoke and individual specialised projects through use of our varied vessels, vehicles, engineering capabilities, fabrication and engineers.

Safety Boat Services operate a fleet of modern vessels from 5m through to 24m, supported by a fleet of all-terrain vehicles and our own transport fleet. This means we can tackle virtually any requirement, from supply of offshore 24 hour guard/survey vessels, to high speed crew transfer, to deploying light weight boats for difficult access inshore construction through to shallow water and inter-tidal construction or pollution control. As well as the versatility our fleet provides we are able to mobilise quickly and efficiently.

All fully MCA Coded our modern fleet uses state-of the-art technology to ensure the most rigorous safety and safety-at-work standards are met as well as making our vessels highly manoeuvrable fail-safe and fit for purpose. All our personnel are fully qualified and trained.

We have developed landing craft and super strengthened hull to enable a speed of 15 knots to run onto shore, we have small catamaran work boats and landing craft that can go to 0.5m. We can fabricate vessels as required.

We can provide environmental protection. Safety Boat Services Self-contained, high capacity, all-terrain Environmental Pump Units and trained personnel are available 24/7 for quick response emergency pumping requirements.

Included in the Safety Boat Services plant list are a 150cfm Diesel Compressor, Diesel Welder Generators, Sand Blasting and Spraying Equipment, Airlifts, Lifting Bags from 0.5 to 1.5 tonne and all general Construction tools and associated equipment. This equipment can be mobilised anywhere in the country at short notice aboard our 18 knot landing craft ‘Shifter’ which has its own 5 tonne crane and is coded for 20nm from safe haven day or night.

Shifter can be anchored or beached near the high water mark and worked from as a fully contained base. Shifter can also carry a tracked vehicle aboard.

We can service all non-hazardous material pumping requirements, including tidal and non-tidal flooding, pipe breakage, construction site flooding, heavy equipment damage etc.

Safety Boat Services have an Oil Spill Response Team fully trained and experienced in dealing with all Oil Spills and Contaminants. This team can be ready to mobilise in minutes, using a large array of SOPEP equipment.

Specialist patented technology is used by Safety Boat Services to restore Riverbanks and Tidal Flow.

Our modern fleet and ‘right boat for the right job’ approach means we are able to offer highly competitive rates.

When choosing from Safety Boat Services you will benefit from our 24/7 breakdown service, all of our vessels come with the 24/7 engineering back-up service, we carry spares and engines.

Please contact Safety Boat Services for more information and how we can help you with your special project.

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