The valuable purpose behind guard vessels

We live in an age where “being green” is something more and more people are trying to accomplish. Consequently, the offshore renewable industry is growing. You would however be forgiven for not instantly recognising the connection this has with guard vessels and why they are so crucial. At Safety Boat Services, we recognise their importance as this is one of the services we offer among others such as survey vessels.

A Necessity

The valuable purpose behind guard vessels

There are many areas of danger with offshore wind farm construction. As a result, they typically enforce exclusion zones around the structures and the installation vessels. The specifics for the exclusion zones get published in a local notice to the Mariners bulletin. However, not everyone who uses the water will read this enforcement or necessarily listen to it. Guard vessels help ensure the safety of water users and as such, are essential for each project phase.

It is common that with so much commotion and activity, people will become curious and try to have a look. This could be sailors, swimmers, or kite surfers. It could be that they truly are unaware of the danger surrounding wind farm construction or they are willing to risk it to get a peek. Whatever the case, it is important to keep people away. This keeps them out of trouble and allows everyone to stay safe. Survey vessels can keep people away from hazardous marine areas.

While each case differs, a traditional wind farm will use 2 to 4 guard vessels in order to protect it. These boats can operate for days at a time without having to return to port.

Providing Survey Vessels & Class A Guard Vessels

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