Vessel hire for bathymetric surveys

Bathymetric surveys can be an essential part of marine construction. They provide reliable information about the depth of the water and the features underwater. This is important for things like installing platforms and pipelines. It is also vital for boat movements and docks. To be successful with the surveying you need the right equipment and suitable survey vessels. We can provide the latter.

How does bathymetry work?

The easiest way to do this kind of survey is to use echo sounders. They use sound waves to measure the depth and map out features beneath the surface. This happens because the software picks up the echo of the sound waves as they bounce back off surfaces.

There are two different options here. Firstly is to use single beam sounders. They gather one profile at a time. The second option is to use swathe or multibeam bathymetry. This uses several beams to survey a wider area.

The data collected during the surveys can be used to create detailed 3D maps. It is also possible to combine the data with photogrammetry to create a digital terrain model.

Safer boat movements

While there are many uses for bathymetric surveys, the most important is to map the conditions underwater. The goal is to measure the depth to make sure that boats can pass without touching anything hidden underwater. This could be an upthrust of ground or another feature. This results in safer movements.

Hire high quality survey vessels

Safety Boat Services is the perfect partner if you are planning surveys. We have access to all kinds of vessels, from RIBs to MCA Category 2 boats. They vary in length and come in different configurations to cater for various needs. We will ensure you choose a vessel that has enough space for your team as well as all of your equipment.

One of the best reasons to come to us for survey vessels is we can ensure you get as much steaming time as possible. This can reduce how much time the surveying takes overall. In addition, we can cater for all kinds of conditions and will do our best to ensure the surveys are accurate. If you have any questions for us or want to hire a survey boat, please get in touch.