When should you use safety boats?

Marine construction is a big industry in the UK. There are lots of different projects, whether it is installing pipes, decommissioning or maintaining vessels, or oil drilling. Whatever kind of project it is though, working over, under, or on the water is challenging. There are lots of risks to consider and work around. One of the best solutions is to hire professional safety boats.

Why are they important?

When should you use safety boats?

A safety boat can offer an essential service. It can be on hand to provide rescue services, access, and even maintain an exclusion zone if necessary. As a result they can help provide a much safer working environment for people.

Speed is absolutely vital if there is an emergency during any kind of marine construction or maintenance project. It may be that someone has fallen overboard or been injured while working above, in, or under water. A safety boat can be available to provide a rapid response whenever there is an issue. This means anyone in danger gets help quickly.

Another major issue with marine projects is that a change in weather can happen quickly and make conditions even more hazardous. It is a good idea to have a safety boat nearby if there is a potential of this happening. It means there is support available as soon as things become more treacherous.

Choose reliable safety boats

At Safety Boat Services we work very hard to offer the best level of service. Our goal is to ensure that each client has the support they need for their entire project. We can cater for a wide range of requirements, adapting our services to suit each client.

One thing that makes us stand out from other providers is we have access to a huge range of different safety boats. For example there are small, light inflatable boats that can respond very quickly to an emergency. In addition we have medium size and larger vessels for bigger projects. Our largest boats are 15metres long and can protect an entire team.

We have over 25 years of experience and some of the most professional crews in the whole of the UK. As a result we can offer an excellent level of service for every project. If that wasn’t enough we also work within IMO guidelines.

If you have any questions for us or would like to arrange a service, please contact us.