One of the leading specialist in near shore and inter-tidal solutions in the country

We are Safety Boat Services ~ Marine Construction Support and Plant Hire


Safety Boat Services are a company delivering essential services  offshore, in inter-tidal areas and on inland waterways in a number of key disciplines such as flood defence, riverbank engineering and provision of workboats to service essential industries..

We have assessed the current spread of the COVID-19 virus and our need to keep delivering these essential services. Clearly the safety of our employees and our customers is our highest priority and we have fully briefed all crew and put rigorous safety and hygiene procedures in place to ensure we can continue to operate with minimum risk.

As a business these are difficult times but we feel our duty in delivering our services must not be compromised. We are here to support you.

Daniel Ross

MD Safety Boat Services

We work all over the country supplying Safety Boats, Work Boats and Marine Plant for Marine Construction Projects, Vessels for near shore and offshore surveys and Class A Guard Vessel duties. We also provide hire of All Terrain Vehicles and Equipment.

Based in North Norfolk Safety Boat Services has 25 years experience in the Marine Construction Industry. We strive to offer the best service at the keenest price and are one of the leading Specialists in near shore and intertidal solutions in the country.

We work in both the UK & Europe offering a wide range of services within IMO Guidelines.

Safety Boats
Work Boats
Survey Vessels/Guard Vessels
Skipper & Crew Hire
Marine Construction Plant & Equipment Hire
Emergency Pumping Services
European Coverage
Oil Spill Response
All Terrain Vehicle Hire
Unimog Hire
Revetment & Riverbank Restoration/Engineering
Weed Clearance
Irrigation & Flood Defence
Personal Protective Equipment & Work Wear
Provision of Work Tools
Hire of liftable Welfare Units

Safety Boats

Safety Boat Services high speed rib.

Work Boats

Guard Vessels

Survey Vessels

Crew Hire

All-terrain Inter-tidal


Marine Support Plant & Equipment Hire

Skipper Hire

Oil Spill Response

Revetment & Riverbank Restoration/Engineering

Personal Protective Equipment